This is Rafferty and welcome to my site!

This blog is a compilation of random things that I’ve learned and feel essential to refer back to in the future. Most of the things that I write are for an audience of one, myself! I think of this blog as a public second brain which forces me to process what I learn, read and watch and turn it into something that is easily digestible. This is also my small way to help the community.

There are two general categories in this blog:

  1. RazType™: I enjoy learning about a new technology and trying it out, hands-on. This is where I write those learnings.
  2. Life: As a Christian who hopes to influence others positively, there are times when I write things about life.

Feel free to be selective and click one of the categories above. But if you would like to read everything, you may go straight to the main page.

I hope you’ll be blessed with my site!

If you just like code, feel free to skip this blog and check out my Git Repos instead.

Disclaimer: Everything I write are based on my personal opinions and world view including my emotions, mental state and maturity at the time of writing. As such, if you strongly disagree (or worse, offended) with anything that I write then I am truly sorry as that isn’t my intention.



Oh yeah, to learn more about me, you may check out my LinkedIn profile and the books I read.