RSS and Multi-FAQ Chatbot: FAQ Implementation Learnings (Part 5)

This post is part of a series of blog posts about a chat bot RazType™ that I implemented recently. Given that chat bots are advertised as a modern application that’s super easy to do, I decided to implement a prototype to learn through hands-on experience. There are 5 parts to this series:

  1. High Level Design (Part 1)
  2. Choices and Decisions (Part 2)
  3. RSS Implementation Learnings (Part 3)
  4. FAQ Implementation Learnings (Part 4)
  5. Adding the Facebook Channel (Part 5) — this post

We are finally at the last post of this series! Thank you for bearing with me, this is the first blog series that I’ve posted. Given that this final post is about adding a Facebook channel, this post is mostly screenshot driven.

Azure Portal: Adding a Channel to an Existing Bot Service

To add a channel, simply log into the Azure Portal → Bot Service → Channels → Add a Facebook Channelchatbot-addchannel

And then follow the step-by-step instructions in this documentation page.

Note that you will need to create a Facebook for Developers account. This is done by signing up here.

Main Learning: How to Test in Facebook

Now my main learning in this area is how to actually test in Facebook (also why I decided to add this part 5 to the series). You will notice that after following the above instructions, your bot won’t actually respond. For some reason, the web hooks are not getting triggered.

Turns out that the reason is simple, but to be noted if you are a beginner like me. Users should be added as test users!


After doing so, your bot will respond properly for testing.


So that’s it! Hope you enjoyed this blog series. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments section.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.